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  1. Bob says:

    Well done to all those who hepled at Bridgeton Bus Museum’s Open Day

  2. Bob says:

    Many thanks to all those who turned up at the Group’s AGM last night. Let’s hope we go from strength to strength.

    A big thanks also goes to Norma for laying on a terrific spread.

    The venue was first class and thanks to Joe Harkins for organising the use of the Safety Centre.

    Anyone up for a Christmas night out??

  3. Martin Savage says:

    Hi Bob,

    A night out would be a great idea, but only if Jimmy leaves the hat at home!

  4. Bob says:

    Hi Dave, what about a postcard to Keith?

  5. Bob says:

    Well done to all those that helped out on Saturday at Debenhams and a big pat on the back to Charlie Doherty for all his work with North Lanarkshire Council.

    Splice the mainbrace and mines a soup.

  6. Bob says:

    Good luck Norma ……from us all.

  7. stephen murray says:

    keep the group going guys, and can you tell me how you can become a member?.have connections to the old Glasgow Fire Brigade then Strathclyde and have just become a retained man myself here in south queensferry.
    cheers guys!

  8. Bob says:

    Station Officer Donnie Neil of Green Watch at Greenock had his retiral night on Friday 1st December at Gourock Bowling Club.

    It goes without saying that the turnout was was incredible. Donnie is one of the fire brigade’s last true characters and a man who is held in high esteem by everyone who knows him.

    Donnie’s management skills were legendary and diversity was his middle name! His use of foreign language precise and unique.

    Donnie Neil will be a hard act to follow and a sad loss to the Fire Brigade.

    On behalf of the Preservation Group may I wish Donnie and his family, a long, happy and healthy retirement.

    Bob Wright,

  9. Dave says:

    Martin Savage, minutes secretary to the group has long been associated with the Scouting movement. At a presentation on Sunday 3rd December, Martin was awarded the Medal of Merit in recognition of over 25years dedicated service to the Scouts.
    I,m sure I reflect the sentiments of the group in congradulating Martin in his achivement.

    Well Done Martin. Ging Gang Gooly!!!!!!

    Dave Adam
    Group Secretary

  10. Bob says:

    One of our newest members, Ron Murray has just informed me that he got married on Saturday 11th November 2006.

    On behalf of the Preservation Group may I wish Ron and Margaret a very happy, healthy and prosperous life together.

  11. Bob says:

    Might be a different story when Margaret regains her sight!!!

  12. Bob says:

    Re our attendance at Debenhams on Saturday 25th November.

    The Group collected an amazing £872.60 for the Fire Service National Benevolent Fund.

    Well done to all those who gave up their time to support such a worthwhile cause.

  13. Bob says:

    Firemaster John Jameson.

    On Monday 11th December 2006, Chief Officer Brian Sweeney wrote.

    It is with deep regret that I have to advise you that former Firemaster of
    Strathclyde Fire Brigade has, this afternoon, lost his battle with cancer and
    passed away. John Jameson was an outstanding ambassador both for Strathclyde
    Fire Brigade and for the British Fire Service. I am sure colleagues will be
    deeply saddened to hear of his passing.


    On a personal note.

    During my service with Strathclyde Fire Brigade I represented the Brigade in numerous Canal Marathons. The team from Knightswood Fire Station won many trophies at these events and we raised thousands of pounds for local charities by our efforts. John Jameson was always a great supporter and his style of encouragement was indeed unique. I can remember his pre event talks to the team, saying that if we did not lift the silverware then the return journey would not be necessary!

    In 1995 Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group began its operations with the Brigade gifting us a Dennis Water Tender Escape. From that time until his retirement in 1999 Firemaster Jameson provided valuable assistance and maintained a great interest in the Group.

    On behalf of the Preservation Group may I offer my condolences to John’s wife Helen and to his family.

    Bob Wright,
    Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group.

  14. Dave says:

    Wishing all members of the group, families and friends, a very Merry Christmas!!!!!.
    Dave Adam
    Group Secretary

  15. Bob says:

    What do you mean you want the whole day off, bah humbug.

    Hope you all have a great Christmas.

  16. Martin says:

    All the best for the new year, hope it’s a great one.

    ps Bob is now supporting that other well known football team, Callie Thistle, as well as his almost favaourite Partick Thistle.

  17. Bob says:

    Talking about Partick Thistle.

    I have for sale a most unique collectors item. One signed Partick Thistle Football season 2004-2005. It has not been used except for it being banged off my head by a certain irate member of this Group! This is a must for anyone who supports the world famous ‘Jags’. Bidding will be fierce so get your bid in quickly to avoid disappointment.

    Good luck and happy bidding.

  18. Bob says:

    A Happy New Year to the members of Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group.

    I hope 2007 will be even more successful with perhaps a museum to fit out.

    Have a great time and enjoy yourselves.

    Splice the mainbrace and mine’s a soup.

  19. norma says:

    hope you all had a great christmas and new year hope dave and bob have sobbered up now

  20. Bob says:

    Ah cannae speek for Dave but ah huvnae had a swally yet!

    Dave and Linda Adam had a disasterous Christmas, the new dugs ate the turkey and left their greetings on the new laminate (£2.99 fae MFI). New Years dinner is roast greyhound but you’ve got to be quick.

  21. Bob says:

    It is with regret that I have to inform you that two of our members, Paul Cunningham and Norma McAusland have both suffered family bereavements recently. Paul’s Gran passed away at New Year and Norma’s Mum passed away on Sunday 7th January.

    On behalf of all the members of Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group, may I offer our sincere condolences to Paul and Norma and their families. Our thoughts are wih them at this sad time.

    Bob Wright.

  22. norma says:

    thanks bob its very much appreciated

  23. Bob Wright says:

    Something to look forward to.

    I have some dates for the diary:

    Saturday 16th June : Eaglesham Fair

    Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June: Preston Hall Rally

    Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th July: Glasgow River Festival (Attendance to be confirmed)

    Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th July: Glasgow Show – Glasgow Green

    Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th August: Truckfest, Ingliston Showground.

  24. Bob says:

    Hi Gang,

    Is anyone available for a clean up of the appliances at Renfrew this weekend (or sooner) If you can assist then contact Dave adam.

  25. Bob says:

    Well done everyone.

    Thanks to all who helped get the appliances cleaned up.

    Paul says the F8 is causing him premature ageing and he isn’t driving it anymore (aye right!)
    Eddie Gray is peeked out.

    Dave Adam and Ian Chalmers gave a polished performance.

    Jimmy Miller regaled everyone with stories about the Western Area and Davie McAusland got wired right in.

    Martin Savage got brasso’d off.

    To Claire and Graeme and everyone involved,

    Thank You.

  26. Bob says:

    Remember if you’re free on Wednesday night (7th) and can spare a few hours to help clean up the new appliances, then come along to Renfrew Fire Station.

  27. Bob says:

    Thanks to all who came along on Wednesday night.

    The new addtions are now beginning to look first class.

    If anyone can spare some time on Saturday 10th March, to assist at Port Glasgow, then get in touch with either Dave Adam or Paul Cunningham.

  28. Bob says:

    Thank you to all who turned up at the General Meeting on Wednesday 28th March at Paisley Fire Station. I would also like to thank Joe Harkins for arranging the use of the Safety Centre.

  29. Bob says:

    Come on everybody start blogging

  30. Bob says:

    Hi Gang,

    The start of the rally season is less than a month away and it’s time to get the appliances ready.

    The F12 is getting moved from Port Glasgow to Renfrew, hopefully this coming week.
    We also have to move out of Maryhill within 2 weeks and that means finding a new home for the Escape.

    On Tuesday night ( 24th) I would like to get as many as possible over to Renfrew F.S. to help tidy out the garage and give the steamers and manuals a clean up.

    On Saturday 28th April a clean up of the T.L. at Yorkhill F.S. is planned and if some of you can give a few hours then that help to get it looking good for the season.

    Let me know if you can spare some time.

  31. D Adam says:

    Committee meeting 7.30 at Paisley Safety centre Wed. 25/04/07.

  32. Stevie Murray says:

    Hi guys,
    Would a retained L&B firefighter be welcome to assist you all with the cleaning of the TL at Yorkhill?.


  33. Bob says:

    Free to a good home.

    Loads of fresh Greyhound processed fruit manure.

    For details contact the Group Secretary.

  34. Bob says:

    Hi Stevie,

    Thanks for your offer of assistance. We can do with an extra pair of hands.

    We will be at Yorkhill FS from 10.30 onwards on Saturday 28th.

    Remember to bring overalls and a paintbrush.

    Bob Wright.

  35. Bob says:

    T.L. Clean Up at Yorkhill Fire Station on Saturday 5th May.

    Hi Gang

    I’m looking for a few volunteers to assist in getting the T.L. ready for this year’s events.

    If you can spare a few hours on Saturday from 10.30 then please let me know.

  36. Martin says:

    Hi Folks,

    I am going to be working on 999 scania on saturday morning from 0930 hours if any one could help it would be most appriciated. This machine is based at Barrhead.

  37. Bob says:

    Hi Gang,

    On Tuesday 15th May we will be continuing with our weekly maintenance programme at Renfrew Fire Station.

    The Fire Warrior and Fire Witch wll be in attendance and we’re hoping to test both the main pump and portable pump on each appliance.

    If you can spare some time on Tuesday night at 19.00 hrs then come along. Remember to bring your fire gear as you may get wet.

  38. Dave says:

    7th June 2007. 7.00 General meeting of SFBPG. Safety Centre Paisley Fire Station.
    All nembers try and attend.

  39. Martin says:

    Hi Folks,
    Could I ask for assitance at Johnstone station on Tuesday night so that we can work on the Fire Witch. 7pm 0nwards, Thanks


  40. Bob says:

    To all our members.

    As you know, we attended the Preston Hall Rally at Yarm. The weather was truly abysmal but despite the conditions, especially underfoot ,we mangaged to pick up four awards with the TL, Fire Warrior, Fire Witch and the Landrover all winning prizes.

    Thanks goes to all involved for all your hard work in getting the appliances ready and looking great.

    July will be a busy time for the Group so if you can spare some time either to help on a Tuesday night or at any of the forthcoming events, then get in touch.

    Splice the mainbrace.

    Bob Wright.

  41. Martin says:

    Mainbrace is splished slashed p***ed broken damp!

  42. Bob says:

    Paul Cunningham.

    For many years now Paul Cunningham’s ambition was to be able to drive the big boy’s fire engines. 2 weeks ago he at last managed to past his LGV driving test at the 38th time of trying.

    We have bought him a special ladder to enable him to get up and into the appliances and a special cushion so that he can see over the dashboard. A supply of Abdine powders is also on hand to assist him in pulling and pushing the big steering wheel around.

    The Group has also had to invest in a new chamois leather to wipe off the saliva from the windscreen caused by him making ‘big motor noises’ through his lips.

    Well done Paul (and so you should be!)

  43. Bob says:

    Glasgow River Festival 14th & 15th July.

    This year the Preservation Group will be back at the Glasgow River Festival. We will have the same pitch as last year – on the north bank of the Clyde in one of the SECC car parks. Strathclyde Fire and Rescue will again be joining us in what should be a great event.

    This years theme is 120 years of firefighting.

    It follows that a lot of work is needed to give all our appliances attending, that bit of sparkle. I am looking for as many volunteers as possible to come along to Renfrew Fire Station on the next two Tuesday nights and get stuck in. The more people we have assisting in this task, the better and easier the task becomes. The group has a membership of 42 and yet only six or eight people regularly turn up on a Tuesday night.

    The Glasgow River Festival is an ideal platform to promote the work of the Preservation Group and also to show the people of Glasgow just what our Group has achieved.

    Hope to see as many as possible at Renfrew Fire Station on Tuesday 3rd July.

    Bob Wright,

  44. paul says:

    many thanks for your kind words & observations bob with regards my passing my lgv2 however i must protest at some of the comments you have made with regards ladders,cushions,abdine powders,chamois,afterall is that not what you required after your fiasco at prestonhall after you got bogged down in the mud?????? profesional driver ayeright ya d****r

  45. Bob says:

    Bogged down in the mud. I think the pictures will speak for themselves for it is not me in the driving seat but you being ignominiously pulled out by a Council Digger (the shame of it all). Is this yet again an example of the ‘professional’ driver at his best!!

    Perhaps with experience, the passing of time, and words of guidance from the real drivers, such incidents will cease to haunt you!

  46. paul says:

    just wait till mr savage gets his fotos on line,wit a cheek,heres me thinkin that im helpin an old timer get out of a sticky situation,justice will prevail & it will show that awizny drivin that motor & anyway am a lightweight compared with the guilty party jist ask his good lady wife(ma pal jackie!bytheway) come on the bus drivers!!!!!!!!

  47. Bob says:

    The Guilty Verdict.

    Guilty as Charged.

    Caught Red-handed.

    The camera never lies.

    Totally Vindicated.

    An Open and Shut case.

    Members of the jury, I put it to you that the said Hank Marvin impersonator is indeed the guilty party. Irrefutable evidence in the form of the exhibit ‘A’, labelled ‘Who is this’ can be viewed by clicking on the link in the previous Blog posting entitled ‘Observer Says’ .

    If one looks closely at the driver of the Turntable Ladder then all will be revealed.

    What I can say is that he will be given a fair trial before being found guilty!!

  48. Graeme says:

    What time on Tuesday night, depending on whether the Fiat decides it wants to start on that day.

  49. Another Annonymous Man says:

    The upshot is he’s definately guilty.

  50. Oor Wullie says:

    Cricky jings and what a farce,
    Paul sank the TL in the grass,
    Fat Boab says gie me the pale,
    That yin Paul’s goin tae the jail.

    P.C. Murdoch says hello,
    And to the Pokey you must go,
    It’s bread and water for you son,
    And you’ll be there till day is done.

    To sink the TL is a crime,
    And you will have to do your time,
    When you get out you’ll be dead old,
    I bet this story will still be told.

    The morale of this sade wee tale,
    Is if you want to go to jail,
    Just sink the TL in the mud,
    And be like Paul, a silly FUD!

  51. Bob says:

    The Sentence of the Court.

    The verdict was as predicted, ‘Guilty’. The Court found that it was degrading to refer to Mr Paul Cunningham as ‘Hank Marvin’. (By way of explanation, degrading to Hank Marvin that is!) It is therefore the duty of the Court to impose a new nickname synonymous with Mr Cunningham’s recent exploits.

    Only the intervention of forces unknown to us could have resulted in the granting of a LGV licence to Mr Cunningham. The Court has decreed that from this day hence, the guilty party will be referred to as ‘HARRY POTTER’

  52. Grandpaw Broon. says:

    Harry Potter! Should that no be Pansy Potter ha ha ha!

  53. Bob Wright says:

    The Glasgow River Festival.

    Well done to all those who assisted at the Glasgow River Festival. The weather held and a great show was put on by the Preservation Group and Strathclyde Fire & Rescue.

    Special thanks goes to Norma and Davie McAusland for keeping Blaze Bear under control! Norma ended up a size 10 after hours in the ‘Bear Buff’. Special mention must also be made to Martin, Janette and David for their catering expertise in keeping the troops well fed throughout the 2 days of the Festival. Good luck to Martin for his forthcoming operation (to insert a brain!).

    Well done to all.

  54. Long John Silver says:

    Yahrr me harties and shiver me timbers. I’ve been eerring thats one of yer shipmates aint doing too well on the old pins. Well me an Jim Ladd and the crew of the old Black Sow had a whip round (more like the crew were roundly whipped) and came up with the ideal present to help steer Martin back to rigging form……a parrot!

    She goes by the name of Olea and has rounded the horn with me many times. She’s a fiesty one who bites yer ear, swears like a trooper and s..ts on you from the crows nest. She doant take a lot of looking aftir just the odd nut from time to time and her plooms have got to be cared for.

    Abast me cronies and lets set sail, take care of Olea and look out for her. The last look out that looked out for her got locked out the look out, so keep yer beads on her at all times.

    Keep yer pieces of seven safe and best luck me old harty.


  55. Cap'n Bilge says:

    Well midship my thawrts. Should that not read pieces of eight Long John?

  56. Long John Silver says:

    Yahrr that be right Capn but ize got a hole in me peg leg pocket and one of the pieces fell out and has gone to Davy Jones Locker, so ize be left with just 7 pieces of eight.

    Yo ho ho and a bottle of Buckie,
    Poor old Martin aint so lucky,
    Into hospital he did go,
    His thing to the nurse he had to show.

    She nearly fainted when he whipped it out,
    And for the doctor she did shout,
    Come here quickly she said with glee,
    Martin’s got a wonky knee (I bet you were thinking something dirty)

    The surgeon said just take a pill,
    I’ll go and get my electric drill,
    We’ll soon have you back on your feet,
    Nailed to the deck, it works a treat!

    We’ll cast off now for the briny blue,
    There’s lots of things for us to do,
    We’ll make some lubber walk the plank,
    Or sail on down past Dogger Bank (behave yourselves!))

  57. Martin says:

    Dear Long John Silver,

    The Surgeon gave me the pill and used an electric drill, saw, hammer chissel(they were jimmy’s blunt) and his voice sounded very familiar ,or else Davie McAuslind has a new line in surgical practice, “Yeah well take that bit of too” was heard to be said more than once,

    All is going well I am black and blue and back at home, thanks for the kind thoughts from you all & I hope to see you soon.

    Martin Savage

  58. Bob Wright says:

    Hi Gang,

    I have added several more dates to our ‘What’s On’ page.

  59. Bob Wright says:

    Truckfest 2007.

    Well done to all that helped out at Truckfest. Another great result for the Group.

    Special thanks go to John Fenton and his team for organising the event and also to the personnel of Blue Watch at McDonald Road fire station for their hospitality.

    Once again the catering was first rate and thanks to Norma and Janette for keeping us fed and watered (the soup was excellent!).

    Bob Wright,

  60. D Adam says:

    Extra Group Committee Meeting
    1900 Wed.15th August 07.
    Venue -Renfrewshire and Inverclyde Area HQ Johnstone.
    Some important issues to be discussed, all committe members are requested to attend.

    Dave Adam
    Group Secretary

  61. Dave says:

    Doors Open Day, Old Fire Station Greenock. 8th/9th Sept. 2007.
    Volunteers required over the weekend for stewarding and guides.
    Also drivers and heavy lifters/graffters required for the week running up to the event.
    Group members please make a special effort for this weekend.
    Names to myself or Bob.

  62. Bob Wright says:

    Hi Gang,

    Tomorrow (Tuesday 28th ) we’re looking for as many volunteers as possible to assist in moving the steamers and manuals to the old Fire Station in Greenock. If you can spare some time come along to Renfrew for about 7.00pm.

    See you there.

  63. Bob Wright says:

    Hi Gang,

    I’m looking for as many volunteers as possible to assist in getting the old station at Greenock tidied up and the appliances given that added bit of sparkle.

    This will kick off on Tuesday 4th Sept at 7.00pm. If you spare some time then come along.

  64. Bob Wright says:

    An excellent effort by all who assisted in getting the Old Fire Station looking terrific. Lets hope it wont be long before we’re in there on a permanent basis.
    Thanks for all your hard work.
    Also well done to Davie and Norma for their win at Scone.

    Tickets will be going on sale soon for the social evening following the Fire Heritage Network UK AGM on Saturday 20th October. Buffet meal and entertainment by the Wherries all for a tenner, what a bargain! Names to me or Dave as soon as possible.

  65. Bob Wright says:

    Hi Gang.

    I am looking for as many volunteers as possible to assist with getting the old station in Greenock ready for the Fire Heritage Network UK’s visit there on Sunday 21st October.

    It goes without saying that there is a lot needing done and the more the merrier, then the work will get done in jig time.

    If you can spare some time this Tuesday night (16th Oct) then come along about 7.15pm

    Hope to see as many as possible.

    Bob Wight.

  66. Vic Fichman says:

    Looks like your having a bit of fun, and in the name of a good cause too. Keep up the good works and enjoy.

    Vic Fichman
    Pinehurst, North Carolina

  67. Bob Wright says:

    Fire Heritage Network UK Seminar and Annual General Meeting.

    To all those involved in the weekend’s activities may I thank you for a job well done. The professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication shown by the Preservation Group members was commented on by many of our guests.

    For me, this was the culmination of 12 years work with the Preservation Group.

    I’m sure we gave all the delegates a weekend to remember.

    Congratulations on a supreme effort.

    Bob Wright.

  68. Blaster Smyth says:

    Now look here chaps, I’m totally fed up with this nosense and even more fed up with people talking poo poo.
    Poo poo has its uses but not here.
    All too often this blog decends into poo poo and I’m determined to put an end to this wilful waste. From now on only poo poo passed by the Committee will be permitted on this site.

  69. General Sir Anthony Cecil Hogmanay Melchitt says:

    Don’t ever poo poo a poo poo

  70. Sopwith Shuggie says:

    Dont listen to Blaster, the man’s obsessed with poo poo.

    Life in the Imaginary Flying Squadron is much more rewarding. Got an iffy story to tell, then drop me a line. Remember, the taller the tale, the higher the flier.

  71. Wee Jakey says:

    Ah wis fleein last night, kin ah jine?

  72. Supersnoop says:

    Its no fur me to say but a wance seen Tiree buying a round.

  73. Sopwith Shuggie says:

    Do you take me for a fool ? I want only plausible lies.

  74. Routefinder Man. says:

    Wanted Urgently.

    Directions on how best to get from Kirkintilloch to Hamilton without travelling 30 miles.

    Answers please to the Short Cut Man!

  75. mark thatcher says:

    try using tomtom pure magic or better still ask dave adams,heard he”s s**t hot on directions,the trip to sheffeild in april was first class so said mr magoo & steve wonder

  76. Bob Wright says:

    Hi Gang,

    The personnel of Calton Fire Station have asked for our assistance in a fundraiser they’re doing on Friday 16th November for Cash For Kids. If anyone can spare some time on Friday then get in touch. We will be leaving Kirkintilloch Fire Station in the F8 at 10.00am.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Bob Wright.

  77. Bob Wright says:


    I am looking for volunteers to assist with Lanark Fire Station’s Open Day on Saturday 1st December. If you’re available then please get in touch.

    Bob Wright.

  78. Martin says:

    Hi Bob, I will go to deepest lanark with you, do I need my passport?


  79. Martin says:

    Hi Folks,

    Are we going for a christmas drink or somefing, if so where and when?


  80. Bob Wright says:

    Hi Martin,

    It was last Saturday, did nobody tell you about it. You missed a great night out – free bar all night and a buffet to die for.

  81. Martin says:

    Dear Mr Always,

    Santa is going to visit you in the middle of the night and take back your Thistle Football as you don’t deserve it!

    Yours in Hate


  82. Bob Wright says:

    Tug Flying Phantom.

    Following the tragic news of the sinking of the Clyde Tug ‘Flying Phantom’ on Wednesday 19th December, and on behalf of Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group, I would like to convey our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of the crew members lost on the Flying Phantom.

    Built on the Clyde in 1981 as a firefighting and harbour tug, The Flying Phantom will long be remembered for the sterling work she done on the River and for her attendance at the Fire and Water Festivals where she thrilled thousands of spectators with spectacular displays using her firefighting monitors.

    Bob Wright
    Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group.

  83. Bob Wright says:

    Big Festive Night Out.

    Anyone up for a Festive Night Out on Saturday 29th Dec in Weatherspoons in Bothwell Street at 7.00 – 7.30

    Let me know ASAP if you’re interested.

  84. paul says:

    im up for that,u byin aw night bob(arkright) merry xmas & a happy new year 2 the the group,

  85. AW-SHUCKS says:

    count me and her indoors in, but Do we have to tell Martin, or can we tell him after the 29th ?.
    ps the Thistle Football is under secure observation as it is not known if it is genuine or not

  86. Supersnoop says:

    Rumour has it that Tiree is getting the first round in.

  87. Sopwith Shuggie says:

    Tally Ho all you groundhogs, Muster is at 19.30 on Saturday. I’ll be there proudly sporting the medals I won in the IAF. (Lots more than that GM chappy in the Fire Service)

    Chocks Away Smiffy and into the great blue yonder. Angels One Five, Fox 2, Bandits at 11 o’ clock and a Tail Gunner at 12.

  88. Blaster Smyth says:

    By the Lord Harry, does the Committee know about this gathering?

    Who sanctioned it, has it been risk assessed, will anyone attending be talking poo poo?

  89. Harry Potter says:

    Ah used tae drive a bus but noo a huv ma ain lavy pan motor. Can ah come tae the party in ma wellies.

  90. Bob Wright says:

    Listen Mr Thicko. The party is in Weatherspoons in Bothwell Street, no in your wellies!

  91. Tail Gunner 12 o’clock High says:

    Sopwith Shuggie, you rat, there was I thinking that you were being faithful in the lane, with your tales of genuine medals, and now I discover that you intend to have a liaison with a strange group, Smiffy-Angels- fox2- Bandits and the rest !
    Who is Great blue yonder and do they have a supply of Walnut Whips.
    Harry the Potter, see Sopwith for replacement Wellington Boots, yours must be full by now, after his tales of airborne wellies and poo poo well you cant poo poo a poo pooer.

    Please check the web site for more info re Yer Whit
    and http://www.brillyunt.com/play.php?file_ID=000000374

  92. Bob Wright says:

    A very Merry Christmas to all in the Preservation Group.

  93. Navigator, wear are wee, Miller says:

    Mr Chairperson, Given your reputation for being misguided and right and left hand not being able to find any thing, says Jackie! Please supply Longatude & Latatude or an eight figure map reference for the afore mentioned rendevous point? Have you contacted the resitnce, Jackie, for approval of the mission or the high command, Norma, ?

    PS Mr Potter we in the Flying Corp do not wear wellies but flying boots, one man for the use of/ sheep one for the use of.

  94. Tail Gunners Pal says:

    With reference to your request for a reference I enclose the reference requested below, referenced to the greenwich meridian at 12 o’clock high.

    -4.262738227844238 , 55.861465055245574

    or if this is to difficult


    This may give you some idea of the locus, please note however that the minimum flying hight above the city is 1500 feet.

    As long as Greenock passport control have agreed your status you may leave the Kingston bridge on the first exit, into Bothwell street.
    Avoid asking some of the locals (working girls) for directions, as a genuine request will be replied with the comment “yu takin the piss pall”.
    Those approaching from the East, with clean passport are automaticly electronically monitored and weighed as the leave the city boundary, and you thought the the pot holes were just there by accident….

  95. Bob Wright says:

    Bothwell Street in Glasgow aint so hard to find, just ask the Brylcreem Boys for directions!

  96. The Brylcreem Boys says:

    Right, pay attention chaps. The briefing for Saturday Night is as follows:-

    The festivities will commence at 19.00hrs with cocktails and small talk.

    Blazers (complete with squadron motif) and flannels will be worn with trousers pressed to a razor sharp edge.
    Berets are optional but medals will be worn.
    After drinks we will enthral the parade with tales of unrivaled heroism and Fokkers who tried to shoot us down.

    Be smart, be punctual and be there.

  97. Sopwith Shuggie says:

    Silly old Fokkers.

  98. Skippy says:

    G’Day Mates,

    Strewth, heard there was a bonzer bash on at Wetherspoons on Saturday night.

    Will there be any Shiela’s there?

    The bush telegraph says the place will be awash with them. Strewth, there’s even some Aussie bird with peroxide hair coming. She got this new blouse for Crimbo and now her Northern Territories are overlooking Sydney Harbour.

    I’m not feeling too well cobbers, I had a boomerang for dinner and it keeps coming back on me!

    I’m off now to polish me didgeridoo and give the billabong a good seeing to. See you on Saturday night.

  99. Tiree says:

    Eh is there any free drink?

  100. paul aka harry potter,hank marvin,mr thicko says:

    maybe i should bring ma lavypan motor with me on saturday!
    judging by some of these blogs that ive read it wont be the only s**T i will be smellin!
    hey guys keep it to a minimum,it will only hold 1200 hunner gallons on a good day!
    ya bunch off rockets

  101. Bob Wright says:

    For further info on the Wetherspoons Pub we’re meeting at, click on the link.


    See you all there about 7.00pm.

  102. Bob Wright says:

    Are you fed up already with Christmas? Didn’t get the pressie you wanted? Well, help is at hand………

    I have for sale a genuine Partick Thistle Signed Football. It is in mint condition and would be an ideal gift for the dedicated supporter of the famous ‘Jags’. This piece of football memorabilia will go like ‘snaw aff a dyke ‘ so get your bids in quickly.

  103. Ned Kelly says:

    Whot’s that you’re saying Skip? Lisa’s going to buy all the drinks tonite! Wow thats a bonzer act for a Shiela mate. Think I’ll bring me mates from the sheep shearing station along.

    Oh, tie me Kangarroo down sport…………………………

  104. Jake the Peg says:

    Is there any 3 leggid wumin cumin.

  105. George says:

    re night out 29th Dec 2007 at Wetherspoons Pub

    Some sport had tied a Kangaroo down, but during the evening a shiela let it go, or was it one go.

    Good Food,
    + Good Company,
    + Good Drink,

    We didn’t have to pay for anything till after 11oclock,

    Bob struck again,

    Best wishes to all for 2008


  106. young mister grace says:

    Bob got a Tom Tom for his xmas,no excuse for being late now

  107. Dave says:

    2007 was a good year for the group, we participated in and organized numerous high profile events. Well done to the members and supporters who made this possible.

    There are already many exciting projects and events on the horizon for 2008. It would appear that the group is developing and expanding, and it looks like there is a lot of hard, but enjoyable, work ahead and I am sure our members will rise to the occasion as they have done in the past.

    Wishing all group members, friends and family, all the best for 2008 and look forward to a great year ahead.

    D Adam.
    Group Secretary.

  108. This Blog entry is now Closed says:

    Please use the 2008 entry

  109. hank marvin says:

    bring back the good old days

  110. https://Megansirmans.Joomla.Com/

    Welcome to the Web Blog for 2007 | Strathclyde Fire Brigade Preservation Group

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